How would you like to write a loan you don't have to collect?

How Does It Work?

What do I get?

We provide an easy turnkey tax system that allows you to offer tax preparation and more at your store.  Information is keyed in and customer signs...away it goes for approval at the IRS.  Secure cloud storage keeps your client data safe.

Patented Process

Our system allows you to collect loan payments from a tax refund and offer big-dollar advances.  You'll make money on preparation fees and on ancillary product sales available exclusively through PTS.  You make commissions selling Auto Club, Telemedicine and more!

Flush With Cash

Your best upsell opportunity occurs  when customer gets their big annual refund.  Sell more of YOUR products and services.  And leverage our system to sell add-on's your customers want, while you earn.  Everyone has to get their taxes done, why not capture that business for yourself?

Make Money Processing Taxes

Our new mobile application allows filers to collect their own materials in advance so they are organized by the time their W2 arrives. But time is running out to make money with taxes. Contact us today!

Drop us line and we'll set up a free consultation. It's easy to get started today!

Whether you have 1 store or hundreds, we know how to help you make money with tax preparation.  Contact us today to get started.  We'll show you step-by-step what you need to know to use our easy system.  No tax preparation experience necessary, just use a modern PC and internet and you're on your way.

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